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White Swan (ca. 1850 - 1904), or Mee-nah-tsee-us, was one of six Crow Scouts in Custer’s 7th Cavalry. White Swan went with Major Reno's detachment, and fought alongside the soldiers at the south end of the village. Of the 6 Crow scouts at the Battle of the Little Bighorn White Swan stands out because he aggressively sought combat with multiple Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, and he was the only Crow Scout to be wounded in action, suffering severe wounds to his hand, leg/foot and head.

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Cultivate These 7 Attributes of Master Achievers

Top signs your brand strategy is losing focus | by Claire Holland for @Entrepreneur | | How can you tell when your brand is losing focus and what can be done to remedy the situation? Here are warning signs.

The Woman Caught in Adultery & Defining Ourselves By Our Mistakes

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Donald Trump's Reaction To Nationwide Protests Defines Hypocrisy

He criticized demonstrators this week. But he agitated for a lot more than that four years ago.

Ranveer Singh Biography and Filmography The Ranveer singh, the lover boy of the Tinsel Town defines love as a terminal disease that he keeps getting and relapsing. From being a Mr. Nobody to a dashing dude, Ranveer singh has caught the limelight both for his power-packed performance as well as for his colorful link-ups. So what about having an up, close and personal look into his life? Ranveer Singh And Deepika: Will They, Wouldn’t They? Deepika Padukone seemed to have developed a fondness…