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Define Cue

This is even funnier bc I just finished a chapter in my math book abt this cracking up

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THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOOOD INFP = my convictions define me; I use extrapolation (picking up cues) to support those convictions; I reflect (remembrance) to relax, and I wish I was better at actually DOING things (execution). (!!!!!) This is incredible because it shows how Fi and Fe, for example, are not just different sides of the same "feeling" coin; they're actually entirely separate functions that have nothing to do with one another. [Lol no wonder ENFJs annoy me. We have nothing in common.]

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Fusion Series #2142 by Cecil Touchon - Collage on Paper 9x6 inches

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Larry Elder (@larryelder) | Twitter

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The Infernal Devices. Okay well...I might actually be okay with this! Maybe...nobody can get Will right though.

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Love Above All

It's one thing if you talk about something or doing something , but if you do it then you can't take it back.

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All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water, and that's the tragedy of living.

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