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Seductive Cyborg Shoots : Jeffery Scott

Monsters have always defined the limits of community in Western imaginations.


While there have been a number of compelling essays on gender equality, physical differences continue to define human beings. Cyborg life forms would be without these constraints. Certain feminist authors have actually focused on this as a radical way to achieve gender equality, though other commentators have held less optimistic views.


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Every great television show has epic moments that define them, that become foundational elements of the shows' fabric. Ask any Star Trek: The Next Generation fan for a list of their top five scenes and you're likely to find the time when the Enterprise's leader, Captain Picard, fell to the power of the Borg and turned into the cyborg Locutus. The latest episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series is aptly titled "Loss" and features one of those kinds of defining moments.