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"Alan Thicke, Carrie Fisher, and George Michael will get more news coverage than the thousands of military members who sacrifice their life so you can watch movies. This world is sad."

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What Kind Of Worker Are You?

Our Blueprint quiz will help you discover what kind of work environment best defines you as a professional.

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Being Vegan means you love all animals and don't want them to suffer. Factory farms are the worst animal abusers and they kill the food that you eat!

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The Creative Factory - Itay Ohaly Line 01 is a set of light, low tech machinery. By free carving, roto-molding and cutting, varied objects are produced. In this process, the packaging of an object is used as its mold, which defines and influences the object's form and texture. The act of opening the mold is transferred from the manufacturer to the costumer, who is given the preliminary experience of revealing the object.

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