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Be honest with yourself about what sparks you and take action on it. Don't worry about finding your one true "passion." That's too abstract of a concept to figure out logically. Instead, start by acting on the small things that excite you each day. - Get in the habit of recognizing and acting upon the small things that you feel drawn to. These things will lead you to the bigger, more meaningful things that you might define as your "passion" or "purpose." - This process works because excite


If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.

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How to Find Your Blogging Niche

Follow these 5 Easy Steps to figure out your niche and start blogging today.

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How to Become That Titus 2 Woman

Are you trying to figure out how to become a Titus 2 Woman? it may be simpler than you thought. The answer is Bible Study! Join me in a 3 week Bible Study in Titus

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How to Create a Blogging Business Plan

How to Create a Blogging Business Plan: A blogging business plan is so important if you’re a new blogger. It will help you set goals, define your target market, determine what differentiates your blog from competitors, and figure out the best ways to monetize your blog. Plus, when you write things down they’re more likely to happen. Click on the pin to see how to create one. Plus I included a FREE worksheet to help you along the way.


Defining Normcore by Christian Heikoop


Tuesday Tips - VISUAL ANCHORS Here’s a way to identify and use whatever is at your disposal when drawing a clothed figure. Think of the volumes and angles you’re drawing and use whatever defines them to “hide” the construction lines you might be tempted to use. This way, your sketches will look more organic and less academic. Good tip for cafe sketching. -n