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Define Frantic

Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we're frantic, life will be frantic. If we're peaceful, life will be peaceful. And so our goal in any situation becomes our inner peace.


"What geomancy reads what the wind blown sand writes on the desert rock? I read there that all things live by a generous power, and dance to a mighty tune, or else I read that all things are scattered and hurled, and that our every arabesque and grand jete is but a frantic variation on our one free fall."--Annie Dillard, from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek


JUST HAD TO PIN THIS! Shopathons were my energy burn and feast of choice, when I had energy and my mood was less stable for quite a few years. Talk fast, think fast, organize everything, sleep very little and spend impulsively if near a sale with a credit card... Bipolar 2. All rather internally frantic, but I just looked busy for a little while. And then the crashes, deeper, longer and harder each time.


This house (more photos if you click through) is beautiful. Full of layers, textures and tonal variations. I really like how the locker defines this little space.


Monday often becomes labeled as the red-headed stepchild of the seven day week, but that’s only if we aren’t prepared for it and choose not to take advantage of all that it offers. Today, I’d like to reveal four tips on how to ensure that Monday becomes a much more enjoyable day in the work … … Continue reading →


'The Twilight Zone,' season two, enters the Blu-ray dimension

Rod Serling Twilight Zone | Rod Serlings mind-bending fantasy anthology TV series remains ...


Les Miles has finally been done in by one of the frantic finishes that came to define the Mad Hatter's tenure at LSU. LSU fired Miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on Sunday, and promoted defensive line coach Ed Orgeron to interim head coach. The moves came less than 24 hours after Miles

Food for Thought : Thirty Ideas for the New Year | Values to Live By |

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Fashion Week Beauty Essentials

“Fresh brows are the hallmark of a fresh face. This pencil is neither to soft nor two hard, and the added spoolie on the other end is extremely clutch during frantic days in and out of backstage.” —Katie Becker, Beauty Editor Giorgio Armani Brow Defining Pencil, $29, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com6