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Define grotesque

antic (adjective): grotesque or bizarre. Word of the Day for 24 February 2015. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #antic

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NB-National™ Std is a constructed sans-serife type system designed by Stefan Gandl. Taking a strong influence in form from it’s International™ counterpart NB-National™ is a more distinctive and refined follower inspired by the studio homegrown Berlin influences. Paying tribute to late 19th century grotesques NB-National™ is also defined by a space-saving characteristic when applied in layouts.

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Gilgamesh tablet, with the prince between two gods - The epic seems to be rooted in history, though its incidents are certainly legendary. The Sumerian King List, which names most of the Sumerian kings together with the lengths of their rule form the beginning "after kingship has descended from heaven" to the end of the third millennium, includes Gilgamesh as the fifth king of Uruk (biblical Erech).

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Carolina d'Ayala Valva photo Grotesque-is defined as the decorative art of combining human and animal forms with scrollwork and foliage. Lik...