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Define Gypsy

Hmm.. Every time someone has tried to talk me out of being this way, it has only confirmed wanting to live this way even more.

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Create & Style A Bohemian Wedding: Wedding Advice

Honey, feel and act like you're Pocahontas; feel free and love Mother Nature, love the world and all that lives, grows, stands, flies, swims and walks upon, in and over it. Appreciate and value it. You're part of this world, take care of OUR world. Amen.

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I'm going to start replying with this. I hate when people say this to me. What is with the "mess" part? Ok, if being a compassionate, motivated entrepreneur is "messy" then yes asshat, you're right, I am.

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Don't live by what others will think! Once you stop caring, the world opens up to you!

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Eh. I'm not really experienced at wearing my heart on my sleeve..... the rest is correct!

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I was raised a gypsy and I don't think she even realized it! I wish she was still here!

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Anna & Siena Fashion Branding by Alaa Amra

Anna & Siena Fashion Branding by Alaa Amra

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