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Define In Spite

"I just may be the strangest person you will ever know. I am filled with too many oddities and too few consistencies and I will always lack the spongey filter that should live between brain and mouth. These defining traits, these enduring characteristics, and these fingers crossed that in all of it, you will find them irresistible." (Typewriter Series #210 by Tyler Knott Gregson)


Today’s Tea Party faces a completely different problem: how a shrinking conservative minority can keep change at bay in spite of the democratic processes defined in the Constitution. That’s why they need guns. That’s why they need to keep the wrong people from voting in their full numbers.

from 5 Minutes for Me

Tip of the Day

Circumstances do not define you how you deal with them does . You can let them hold you back or you can find a way to launch yourself forward in spite of them. The choice is yours

Famous Unsolved Murders || Defined in different words by different legal systems, an unlawful, deliberate killing of a human being without any provocation is generally considered a murder. An unsolved murderis one in which the murder remains untraceable in spite of all-out efforts on the part of all the investigating agencies. It may become famous on account of the importance of the murdered person or on account of the mode of the murder.