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Define Legion

The Charlatans. - i'm only posting this because it looks novel and has the word charlatan =D

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Lost It All. Off BVB's new album. (I made this. JS...)

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A rally held by members of the Flemish SS in Flanders, Belgium. These members are part of a Fascist political organization known as the Rexism, and was led by a rather famous figure among the Axis forces, Leon Degrelle, who was a personal friend of Hitler's.

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Readers...walking blindly into traffic before Pokémon made it cool

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This is going to happen to me on Sunday and Tuesday. [The days Legion of the Black and Wretched and Divine come out for BVB.]

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For his Queen... For his love, he waits patiently and always will. Being there for her no matter where there may be... That is what defines his love and silent caring! ❤️

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Nina Simon's TED talk about opening up museums, and participation in general. Important thought leader in the arts/civic sector new her.

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