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Define Mathematics

If children are “engineering” their very own original designs, then they are doing the “E” in STEM. It’s the application of their prior knowledge in science, mathematics, and utilization of technology that they apply in order to create! All children are natural “STEMists!” #STEM #science #EngineeringDesignProcess

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Piecewise Functions Project

Students will create a roller coaster that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the following skills: • Graph a continuous function that represents a roller coaster using parent functions. • Write a piecewise-defined function to represent the entire roller coaster. • Attributes of functions: Domain/Range, Min/Max, and Intervals of Inc/Dec

EPFL alumni by Enigma / Dots were arranged into squares and defined curves that represented paths. This was a metaphor for the EPFL students that move around campus. This design can be expressed in an infinite variety of shapes and colors. Thanks to a mathematical software and to random parameters, 100,000 different logos were generated in one day. Each graduate received a personal logo that was both unique and immediately recognizable as part of the EPFL Alumni community / #generative

Hedy Lamarr~actress and mathematically talented, Lamarr also co-invented — with composer George Antheil — an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day.

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Fractals: Exploring the Art of Fractals Math Activity

What is this? Can your students figure it out? Students use deductive reasoning to define fractals, learn about fractals in the world, and then create their own. Great for fun math and end of year activities.

ENGINEERING FORMULAS QuickStudy® $6.95 Core engineering concepts defined with mathematical formulas and diagrams that will support an engineer in courses throughout their student years, as a refresher before certification testing, and as a handy reference throughout a professional career. Precise coverage and easy access makes this a valuable six pages in an immensely critical field of study and application. #Engineering #Math

In this article, we study about factoring trinomials. Trinomials are defined in Mathematics an expression containing 3 unlike terms. For example, xz+y-2 is a trinomial, whereas x2-3X-X is not a trinomial as this can be simplified in to a binomial.