Properties of Matter Chapter 6. 6.1 Matter Objectives Define matter and describe its major properties. Explain how the arrangement of particles in a substance.

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I am an irregular normal. Able to blend where I choose, love who I want, and block what doesn't matter.

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Surround yourself with people who remind you that you matter, and support you in the ways that matter most to you. ~Les Brown

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Self-Worth+Quotes+and+Sayings | Self Esteem Quotes, Sayings about self-worth - CoolNSmart

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True, my grandpa always tells me and and so do my parents, it doesn't matter a person's title, degree, or followers, it's their character, personality, and true faith in God that defines them

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I never wanna make anyone else feel like they are the only human on the planet. It is truly an awful feeling.

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The scale does not get to define you! Because despite those days when the scale shows no change you have to believe that all the healthy choices and changes you've made matter. You have to believe that every run squat and downward dog matters. You have to believe that no matter what a piece of metal says or doesn't say that the healthy choices you continue make are going to continue to matter. That is what defines you. #LizJosefsberg #WordsOfLizdom

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It really hurts when some one looks down on you and treats you like your not worth their effort for what ever the reason or justification in their mind might be. But PRAISE GOD!!! my value is in Christ!!! Thank you God for teaching us that in you all our needs are met including all types of relationships. Lord Give me discernment to know who is truth and who is false.

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