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Not my opinion but it sounds like something you'd say about yourself


The lips were glossy but it kept getting to messy also it did not define the lips.i used a lipliner but it kept blending into the lips gloss.they were not sharp.For my next face chart i will be using brands of make up

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Simple Ways to De-Clutter an Apartment ... - apartmentshowcase

Simple Ways to De-Clutter an Apartment De-cluttering is the process of removing unnecessary items from an overcrowded or untidy place. When there is months or even years of build-up the task can seem overwhelming especially in an apartment but these tips will make the process less stressful and more successful. Set Aside a Spot for Papers Setting a spot aside for papers makes will make cleaning easier as papers usually account for much of the clutter in an…


I adore this quote!!! Don't try to define me!!! I hate when people try to tell me who Anitra is and where little me belongs.


Sarah's Scribbles - Nothing to wear! (She should have started with the Totoro jumper. If I had a Totoro jumper I'd always start with that. Then the room would stay clean.)