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Best Protein Powder(s) to lose weight & gain muscle?

i don't even care about losing weight, i just want to be STRONG again!

Amazing arms require the development of the biceps, triceps, AND shoulders – combining all three creates a curvy, well-defined, muscular look and completes the picture. Use these exercises to help get you there.

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The Build Muscle, Stay Lean Meal Plan

check out how to get fit , this is a great website -

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Strength Training For Weight Loss - 6 Best Moves

Bikini body inspiration. For the past 2 years I've gone through a pretty big body transformation. My new goal is to strengthen my arms, legs and mainly my core. I want to be able to go on a vacation this summer where I'm not afraid to wear a bikini 75% of the time or bare my midriff. I'm already on TIU nutrition plan. But I'm going to add more lifting to my routine. Goal- flat and defined stomach, firmer butt and muscular back and arms.


Just a thought: I think when you've reached the best shape of your life, you should consider having a professional photo shoot for your personal viewing. It would really help motivate you later in life (after having a baby, etc..)


Throwback Thursday! In 2000, researchers wanted to determine whether proprioception or muscular strength is the dominant factor in balance and joint stability, and defined which type of ankle rehab...

THE BASICS OF FITNESS: It's no secret that physical fitness is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, but how do we define fitness? Well, it's pretty easy. Fitness is simply the ability to perform physical activities, and there are several components or parts that contribute to what we like to call health-related fitness. These include: Aerobic Fitness Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility Body Composition


7 Of Our Favorite Movie Tough Girls

Heck yeah. This is my motto now.