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The United States is a large and diverse country. Regions help us describe places with similar traits. In this song, we learn the climate, landforms and natural resources that define the five geographic regions of the US.


The Lorax Book / Movie think questions-define natural resources & sustainability

Read the Lorax (or watch one of the movies) ...then use these questions to start discussions about natural resources and sustainability. Students evaluate the environmental consequences of the Once-lers actions and then come up with a better plan based on sustainability.More great stuff on Ecology and Adaptations!Animal Adaptations in Winter task cards, pass game with 15 animals


7 Natural Treatments for ADHD

Here is an easier way to explain what ADHD is all about and what the different types are. It also explains how it can affect your home, school and social life!


I think by creating an outline similar to this one with the class would be a great way to teach landforms with the students. Teachers can always label the landform first and have the students contribute in filling in the other parts of the chart. Or the teacher could include all the facts and examples first and then have the students try and figure out which landform it is.


Texas Regions Booklet. I can use this Texas Regions Booklet for my unit by having the students create this booklet to help them categorize all of the different facts they will be learning about the four regions.


The Parent Project: Reggio Emilia Schooling from

Loose parts organization. Everything about this classroom was so carefully planned. The observation panels are at the child's level, wooden "pretend"plates on the table, pictures of the children using the materials..≈ ≈


Natural Resources Interactive Notebook

These interactive notebook pages for natural resources are useful for students science notebooks or they can be used separately. Page 1 defines natural resources and is smaller so students can write examples of natural resources.Page 2 is a sort of man made resources vs.