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How to Avoid the Negative Energy of Other People

How To Avoid The Negative Energy Of Other People. Interesting. There is something in having empathy for others' flaws. The unicorns and magic mirrors I'm going to have to work on... I think I need to print this out and let my children and myself read it.. often...

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So I decided that my pen drawing of Excalibur (that got waaaaay more notes than I expected holy shit) needed something more. There was too much white space so added onto it :) I’ve also seen the quote...

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Don’t let others define you…

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speech 1 How to draw what you see: Techniques and tips to Improve your Drawing Skills

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Irish stereotypes. Sure, I don't even like Guinness

There has been a stereotype given to all humans. It's hard to determine what is positive, negative, or mixed because at the end of the day a stereotype is just an assumption made about a group of people and a complete misrepresentation of each individual.

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This episode of Math Club defines integers as positive whole numbers, their opposites and zero. It explains positive and negative integers using everyday examples such as YouTube "likes" and "dislikes" and borrowing money from a friend. It shows how integers are written on a number line.

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