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Define Bottle - A new fruit infused water bottle coming out in March

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It defines it for you

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It takes about seven minutes for the average person to fall asleep. Not me!! :(

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Sareureuk (adv.): The sound and the motion of snowflakes slowly melting in a warmer temperature or under the morning sunshine.

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"Men socialize by insulting each other, but they don't mean it. Women socialize by complementing each other, but they don't mean it either."

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i love the look on their faces. mel's is like is she out of her mind & vince is like what a ungrateful, immature bitch

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solicitous. #merriamwebster #dictionary #language

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pinterest: @mylittlejourney | tumblr: @toxicangel | twitter: @stef_giordano | ig: @stefgphotography

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INTJ personality type infographic

INTJ Personality Traits: The Mastermind Explained

INTJ personality type infographic

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