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The yucca plants in this yard have their own planter box to make the spaces for each type of plants defined. Behind the yucca, there are cacti lining the gabion wall. Each of these species of plant are drought resistant, so they will not need much water in the coming summer heat.

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Define Propagation: What Is Plant Propagation (and how to get started)

Define propagation: What is Plant Propagation (and how can you get started)

How do you define plant-centered eating? I don’t like using labels like plant-centered, plant-based, whole-foods, low fat, vegan etc., because they are never enough to fully describe the way of …

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Why Beauty Matters To Me

I came to painting as a gardener and poet first, and so I think about paintings much as I think about gardens and "living" spaces.  When you design a garden, beauty has a function, and so its inclusion (however each person defines it) is a natural element of how we judge a garden's success.  Flowers are beautiful, beauty attracts pollinators, and flowers produce food and fruit.  So we plant flowers, even if we're not growing fruit!  This sort of mindfulness about beauty appli...

Garden course about seasonal planting!Planting for the winter garden is to a large extent about creating structure and using plants that define spaces. The clipped topiary shapes and hedges, trained fruit trees and strong bare branches of all the trees that make up the garden at Allt-y-bela are worth pausing to observe.


Minimalism to the max

Bold planting defines this garden by Del Buono Gazerwitz in London’s Holland Park

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How to Transplant Succulents

Succulents are known for their ability to hold water. Adapted to life in dry climates, succulents collect water in their leaves and roots for later use. This modification causes most succulent plants to adopt a fat, fleshy form that many consider their defining feature. Sturdy and drought resistant, succulent plants flourish under a wide variety of...


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Defining the best contour for a new or expanded planting bed doesn't have to be a frustrating process of trial and error that leaves spade scars in the lawn. A rubber garden hose is an ideal tool for laying out the lazy curves of a flower garden. Shape and reshape the hose along the ground until you're satisfied with the design, then use a squeezable condiment bottle filled with powdered lime to mark the outline. Roll up the hose and start digging.

Mosses and lichens are both simple organisms we’ve all seen growing on trees and rocks. Mosses are defined as simple plants with the most basic of root structures, leaves, and stems. Lichens …