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Define repetition

This tunic sweater is almost completely crocheted with hairpin lace, a very stretchy, open fabric of strips that are joined as you go. There is a solid single crochet waistband, lending structure to the tunic and loosely defining the waist. The unique texture of the flat ribbon yarn is prominently displayed by the open construction, and the simple repetitive stitch pattern creates a clean look for the finished garment. With a relaxed fit and airy but elegant appearance, this is a truly…

Guides your eye from the large fish to the person on the top right corner and…

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alexdrogers: עמנואל“immanuel” by alexdrogers

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Real Texture defined - From Goodbye-Art Academy - YouTube

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street art Roeselare ( Belgium ) - day one festival - David Walker #streetart

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Shepard Fairey is a good example of style repetition. He has a unique style that can be identified throughout his works. He has a simple and uncomplicated colour theme that gives impact with a strong use of black, red, and blue. These colours give a defined boldness and statement.

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Fantastic architecture/style in this studio. OneSize by Origins Architects.

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David Walker is a good example of style repetition. He has a unique style that can be identified throughout his works. The repetition is in his colour theme and applications of colours used to structure his art. The colours are well defined and strongly stand alone though also create a well structured shading to define the image being created. His art is a good example of contrasting colours used to compliment each other in the big picture of things.

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<p>I wanted to do something with a lot of petals and layers, with a vaguely oriental theme. There’s a lot of repetition in this one (usually I go for a lot of variety instead) – I’m hoping when it’s coloured the repetition will more clearly define the layers for some …</p>

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the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfect or mastered aka the only way i know how to learn.

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