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Alexandra De Markoff Eye Defining Shadow - Amethyst .22 oz

Alexandra De Markoff Eye Defining Shadow - Slate .22 oz

thephotographerssociety: starrysurrealism: while you can’t see  there is a shadow  looming over,  watching silently as our lives die Somehow this fragment of a beautiful facade enables us to look back, when we perceive the defined shadow of the tree projected on it. The exposure is superb here: shadows, textures and colors are drawn with perfect detail before our eyes. And a closed window is always wonderfully evocative …. -Juan Manuel


This image has utilized one letter form, 'A' to define form. The letter has also been placed in a defined grid, which is a choice that adds a neat appearance. The density of letters increases to form shadows. Opacity and gradient fades have also been used to enhance three dimensional illusion.

Enchanting eyes from @andrearomanm We love the shimmering lid and defined crease, shadows from the 35O palette #MorpheBabe

Class demo today on light and shadow in basic forms. Define the light source to project shadows onto the ground and other objects. #idsketching #industrialdesign #productdesign #designsketching #viscom #primitives #shade #shadow #idsketch #sketch #sketching #entas #cizim #endustriurunleritasarimi

Canyon Shadows Define by Laurie R. Martin on 500px

Where’s my Jaaawn ?? | Ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.