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Define Silly

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if only you only knew what survivors must hold inside. our pain is unlike any other you might have felt. it is a wordless pain, defying any attempt to find a description that could possibly define it. no such words exist.

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Capricorns have opposite ways: talkative and quiet, serious and silly, friendly and cold. This makes it hard to define them.

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The struggle is real. #introvert

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Brilliant new word you should start using

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How to Stay in Awesome Shape (and Totally Sane) When You're Injured

"When I was a tween and starting treatment for bulimia, every time I said 'I feel fat' my therapist would say 'Glennon, fat is not a feeling. What are you really feeling when you say you're feeling fat? What's the feeling that's harder to say?'

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Pete's letter to his sons after Trump election

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That's funny

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