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It is absolutely possible to get better with age. Just listen to these experts—seven spry centenarians.

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This is looks like a killer lower back, butt, and core exercise. I never got many points on my back pose due to my lack of "roundness" :) maybe this will help...

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You just went out on a date with someone and you had an amazing time. Then the looming question comes over youwhat do I do next??? Troy Spry gives you 3 easy ways to follow up after a date!

Street artist Sainer goes big in Poland | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

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Scientists are becoming increasingly certain that all the stuff we put through our digestive system is making a major impact on our state of mind.

Spry created this lovely platformed arrangement for a church wedding with white and yellow forsythia, lilac, tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and arums with a few sweeping trails of ivy. She explains how the arranged but not forced lines create a defined and dignified arrangement.

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Up to 5 Shades Darker in 1 Session! Playboy's Pink Boost is awesome! There is a matching tan extender too!

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