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It takes a special kind of woman to accept an apology she never got, but truly deserves. It's incredibly hard for her to give love a second chance, after she's built walls. With all she has been through, she decided that the cheap love of her past does not define her as a woman. The fact that she is still standing is proof that no man has the right to ruin her idea of love. Her past is ugly, but look at how beautiful she has decided to be. —Joey Palermo


All too true. INTP was the first type I got and I always read other descriptions and think, "That's me, too." Maybe I'm not totally one, but this is still my primary.

from Kosmic-Dungeon

#Mapvember Day 19 : #Engine Under the Eolune’s Labyrinth The strange Eolune’s Labyrinth is hidden in the middle of Leekraes’ forest. The bushy hedges, presumably magical, haven’t moved, the paths are still well defined, even if the places haven’t been maintained for hundred of years. It contains in its heart two entries of dungeon. The first one is totally flooded … The second entrance lead to labyrinthine corridors that sink deep into the ground. The corridor also ends up being tota