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Define Uncanny

The concepts of life and death as defined in Eastern philosophy are shown to have an uncanny similarity to some aspects of latest research in medicine. Core concepts of birth and death in Eastern …

A NOTE FROM THE UNIVERSE When the external begins to define the internal, instead of the internal defining the external, one begins living as a mortal rather than as a god. Trust me, as a "god" is better. Zing, The Universe

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Wow I just read this twice lol it is definitely true! AND SOOOOOO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eldritch - eerie; weird; spooky. Origin: Eldritch is of uncertain origin, but the earlier elrich is equivalent to the Old English el- meaning "foreign, strange, uncanny" and rīce meaning "kingdom"; hence “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld.”

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Robert Downey Jr....proof you can overcome anything and come back stronger and better than ever!

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Virgo. I agree. I totally crave alone time to think and feel sane. I feel drained when I've been giving to other people constantly bc I give every last bit of myself-i can know no other way to be.

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