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Define unicorn

‘The Last Unicorn’ Inadvertently Defines My Life

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STEM girl swag!

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"People don't want solutions... and I need to learn." | #INTJ

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Maybe this is true for the way I see myself as well.

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"They have stolen the heart from inside you/But this does not define you/This is not who you are/You know who you are." Truly amazing scene.

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‘The Last Unicorn’ Inadvertently Defines My Life

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20 Magically Unique DIY Unicorn Costumes For Halloween

Is there anything more magical than a unicorn? The answer, to me, is no. Unicorns are pure and beautiful, too pure for this world, really (literally), and they deserve all of the love. Unicorns represent color and magic and aesthetically pleasing vibes, which makes them perfect for a DIY Halloween costume. What makes them even more perfect for a costume is that they literally are not real, meaning you can define them however you want. Want to be a gothic unicorn who shuns color?

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How to Avoid the Negative Energy of Other People

How To Avoid The Negative Energy Of Other People. Interesting. There is something in having empathy for others' flaws. The unicorns and magic mirrors I'm going to have to work on... I think I need to print this out and let my children and myself read it.. often...

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