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Defining Psychoanalysis : Achieving a Vernacular Expression (Paperback) (Ian Miller)

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VERSUS, HERITAGE FOR TOMORROW Vernacular architecture represents a great resource that has considerable potential to define principles for sustainable design and contemporary architecture. This publication is the result of an overall aim to produce a valuable tool for analysis regarding vernacular heritage through different assessments, in order to define principles to consider for sustainable development. VERSUS, HERITAGE FOR TOMORROW: Vernacular Knowledge for Sustainable Architecture is…

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Craftsman contemporary - arts & crafts homes , Craftsmanship and intimate spaces define a new house that’s part modern, part rustic, and part north carolina vernacular. Description from I searched for this on

Collierville Christian Church, constructed in 1873, today serves as the town history museum. Outside, gables and a tower define its Frame Vernacular Gothic Revival style…Inside, it’s all stained glass and spindles:


2009 Raygun Gothic Rocketship by Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, David Shulman, John Manyjohns, Oakland, CA an immersive large-scale installation consisting of a 40' tall metal rocketship connected via walkway to a taller gantry launch tower w/ well-defined lighted perimeter.explore the rocket's three interior chambers accessible through the bottom of the rocket and the top of the rocket via the gantry. Aesthetically, the Rocketship explores the rococo retro-futurist future-rustic…


This year’s winner of the eVolo Skyscraper Competition is the so-called “Vernacular Versatility” skyscraper, which was designed by the US architect/designer Yong Ju Lee. The “Vernacular Versatility” skyscraper design was inspired by the traditional Korean house called Hanok, the defining characteristic of which is a wooden structure that is completely exposed, along with a tilted roof.

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NCLB Black Students

No Child Left Behind, following the lead of the Office of Management and Budget's definition of racial groups, created a subgroup called Black Students. Linguists defined the English language into different dialects or vernacular Englishes like the English spoken in the South, English spoken in the North, and local English like Boston, MA, and Trenton, NJ. The English taught in the school system is called either Standard English or Academic English. African American Vernacular English, which…

Vernacular Versatility - Architecture by Yong Ju Lee - This architectural accomplishment takes inspiration from traditional Korean Hanok houses that are defined by their wooden structural systems, curvy tiled roofs and strong formal gestures. Read more at


Gulu Real Art Studio, Portrait © Martina Bacigalupo The series consists of prints that the artist found discarded at the Gulu Real Art Studio in the city of Gulu, northern Uganda. Bacigalupo’s collection represents a typological cross-section of Gulu’s society today ⎯ nurses, soldiers, farmers, teachers, businessmen, nuns, students, mothers, and children⎯ defined through poses, clothing, and objects. Vivid and diverse, the images extend the tradition of African vernacular studio portraiture.