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How Do You Define Work?

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Defining Work Ethic - How do you a motivate a child when they are not motivated by external praise, but by internal satisfaction and what they find meaningful? And does that mean they have no "work ethic"?

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Defining Work from Suzanne Kraft

just a reminder: you are whole, not a fraction. you are a complete masterpiece all by yourself and you do not need anyone else to validate your feelings or existence. about | face | instagram | wishlist

BOXED IN - I require privacy to get my work done. A defined work environment gives me access to essential tools; wall and doors are important. This is a FOCUS work style which is about individual work.


'Work-life balance' is uneven phrase: Column

"Framing [having a career & personal life] as 'work-life balance' — as if the two were diametrically opposed — practically ensures work will lose out.... Lean in to a career and make the pieces fit however works for you. You take control. That's what leaders do."

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Freelance Work Ethics is Essential for Success

Freelance Work Ethics is Essential for Success on