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Gonzo - rockers, punks, toons, mimes... So this book kicks off with a definition of what “gonzo” is – in short, it is an experiment in testing out the malleability of pathfinder, of providing weird ideas, in being somewhat bonkers. It also aims to retain the functionality of the system and maintaining enjoyment for everyone – hence also the first chapter, which defines a core aesthetic for the campaign and provides some rather sound advice for DMs – not only when using this book. Fun fact –…

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An anthropologist explains how hackers are changing the definition of freedom

Description Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Who are computer hackers? What is free software? And w...


A Happy Farewell to 'American Idol'

American Idol premiered in June of 2002, which means I’ve been waiting almost 14 years to write these two words: Good riddance. Let me make my position clear: American Idol warped millions of our citizens’ minds about the definition of what a “good” pop singer is. According to the aesthetic theory

For the describe yourself (and I think aesthetic?) in three fictional characters meme. Orochimaru Kyubey and Rui from Gatchaman Crowds Honorable Mentions go to Jack Slash and Shuu Iwamine from Worm and Hatoful Boyfriend (I havent exactly gone through all of Naruto or Worm- theyre long and Ive been getting bad at the sort of thing but they definitely seem to be good fits??? Of course I think I need all five to get a good read of me- its a balance thing you know?)

Nostalgies - Visual experimentation exploring different definitions of Nostalgia by putting together different audio and visual testimonies.


Ahh! The luminous spirit tarot decks are officially making their way to me and should take from 7-10 days for all of them to get here. We take a little bit of time to count inventory and unpack but definitely within 2 weeks your decks should start shipping! I'm so excited to see these babies get to you all! Depending on where you are in this wide universe they might even make it in time for the holidays. #mysticism #shaman #sacred #sacredgeometry #magic #witch #witchy #witchcraft…


Herr has implied that he does not aspire to emulate biological corporeality for his prosthetics; instead, he encourages the mechanical aesthetic as a social statement of elegance and immortality which, I suppose are definitions of fashion, itself.