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pinner says: Today's project in College Algebra was making the color coded #logarithmic definition patterns "cheat sheets." It worked like a charm! Almost the whole class was engaged and understood how to convert from one to the other! ~Bon


Bone Density Math and Logarithm Introduction - Lesson

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Square Root Function Overview | Doodle Notes

SQUARE ROOT FUNCTION OVERVIEWIncludes: basic definition of inverses basic definiton of radical sign example of solving radical equation domain and range graph graphing with transformationsCheck out my other function overview resources! Quadratic Function Overview | Doodle Notes Logarithmic Function Overview | Doodle Notes======================================================ABOUT DOODLE NOTESAll doodle notes are one-page, hand drawn summaries of specific math topics.

What are logarithms and why are they useful? Get the basics on these critical mathematical functions -- and discover why smart use of logarithms can determine whether your eyes turn red at the swimming pool this summer. Lesson by Steve Kelly, animation by TED-Ed.