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Definition Of Malaria

They carried with them malaria tablets, love letters, 28-pound mine detectors, dope, illustrated bibles, and each other. And if they made it home alive, they carried unrelenting images of a nightmarish war that history is only beginning to absorb. - Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried #book #quotes


Insecten dragen bepaalde ziekten over op mensen. Zo sterven er jaarlijks 500.000 mensen aan malaria. Hoe kunnen muggen op een diervriendelijke manier uitgeschakeld worden? Onderzoekers hebben een nieuwe uitvinding onthuld. Deze machine vuurt laserstralen af

1. Stefan; 2. Klaroline! (And it's spelled Forwood, not Forwod. I hate typos. >_<); 3. STELENA; 4. Klaus!!; 5. So far, this one!; 6. Couldn't choose.; 7. That's really hard!! Defan. Brotherhood over bromance any day.; 8. Bonnie; 9. Human! :P; 10. ORIGINALS! Although I do love the Salvatores.; 11. Definitely Claire Holt! (Rebekah)

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High school students open-source Shkreli's pricey HIV drug

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Change the world?

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room ...


And this is why I plan on having them on DVD (already have season 1). Beginning to think that would save me money over Netflix. Plus, don't have to wait for buffering.