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Woodnote... a wild or natural musical tone as that of a forest bird

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Sareureuk (adv.): The sound and the motion of snowflakes slowly melting in a warmer temperature or under the morning sunshine.

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Tenalach, a word used in the hills and mountains in the west of Ireland, allows one to literally hear the earth sing. (submitted by tenalach)

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32 Totally Not Weird Non-Sexual Fetishes You Might Have

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C'est moi precisement! other-wordly: pronunciation | ne-‘mo-fe-list

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Random acts of kindness. I haven't told you about that one yet. When we were on the isle of skye last summer we got into a series of really bad weather days. On this one particular day it poured more than I've seen in a long time and we got dripping wet. To our own fault- we had to take photos after all. But yeah we were pretty much out of dry clothes at the end of the day and of course all of the camping grounds and bnbs were booked. Bad luck for us- the Highland games were on this day. We…

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