Conoce a tu nuevo mejor amigo: el ambivalente Sr. pan tostado.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Conoce a tu nuevo mejor amigo: el ambivalente Sr. pan tostado. Más

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Cute and useful teaching tool. The annoying songs we learnt in 5th grade still stick with me. Definitely worth the headache of learning them. This is great for teaching money!

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Good morning poem - but instead use it to program the "hello" button, set on random, on an AAC device with some of the lines! Keep life interesting!

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Chart shows different types of poetry with samples and definitions of each. Back of chart features reproducible activities, subject information, and helpful tips. 17" x 22" classroom size.

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I love these videos the songs teaches the letters with both sounds , with the right writing formation of each letter and rhyming words with a hip beat. I also use sand or salt writing trays for each students. I was able to teach the whole alphabet in 26 days. The average times I played the video was 3 times during a class session due to requests from my students they love the songs.

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Apropos Syllabification: ap•ro•pos Pronunciation: aprəˈpō preposition Definition in English: 1. with reference to; concerning. "she remarked apropos of the initiative, “It's not going to stop the abuse.”" synonyms: with reference to, with regard to, with respect to, regarding, concerning, on the subject of, connected with, about, re "he was asked a question apropos his resignation" adverb…

Perfect definition of every teenage girl with a boyfriend.. seriously though. lol

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