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Set of 3 Prints // Wall Art Set, Words and Definitions, Dictionary Art, Modern Type, Eunoia, Meraki, Rasasvada, Office, Inspirational Art

Set of 3 Prints // Wall Art Set / Words and Definitions / Dictionary Art / Modern Type / Eunoia / Meraki / Rasasvada/ Inspirational Art on Etsy, $35.00


office space of the year, new things


This is my second go of making this card using Balloon Adventures, the first time I cased it directly out of the new occasions catalogue just changing up the colours. This time I simply added an extra panel and I’m much happier with it, I didn’t like the ribbon being wrapped around the main card Read More


The One Simple Truth that will end your Quest for Perfection

Overcoming Perfectionism | Embracing Imperfection | Encouragement | Motivation | Inspiration | I will choose to hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection | set apart woman | perfection standard | self compassion | Godly living | perfection definition | striving | progress over perfection | quest | confessions of a perfectionist


5 Reasons We Can't Wait to Read The Girl on the Train Author Paula Hawkins' Next Book

If you needed one more reason to fervently await spring fever, here you go: Paula Hawkins just announced that her follow-up to smash hit thriller The Girl on the Train will hit shelves May 2 of next year. Titled Into the Water, this forthcoming novel of psychological suspense is set in a small riverside town where the bodies of a woman and a teen girl are discovered a few days apart. The investigation that follows begins to uncover a complex connection between the two murders. Pre-Order…


Theme vs. Central Idea Chart

This chart will help students remember the difference between theme which is found in literature and central idea which is found in informational text. It includes a definition for each and a set of steps to find the theme and central idea.It is a great resource for students to keep or for teachers to blow up and use as a poster in the classroom.


There had been friends and family who had caused her a world of anger and hate. She decided it was time to take back her power by using this simple action and phrase, "As I breathe in calm and breathe out anger, I set myself free from other people's toxic drama." She was most definitely the Queen of her own life. - Queenisms™

Hobbiton Movie Set is a Real Life Version of Middle-Earth - by Trey Ratcliff

Hobbiton Movie Set is a Real Life Version of Middle-Earth - by Trey Ratcliff


need one of those things for my hair dryer/ straightener