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Definition Of Species

Free crochet pattern: Coastal Redwood Super Scarf in Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick by Underground Crafter | My inspiration for this super scarf pattern was the redwood, a species of super tall and long-lived tress that thrive in the Northern Coast of California. Like its namesake tree, this scarf is ultra long and will definitely be noticed. This luxuriously long scarf has a gentle, unisex texture made with a beginner-friendly stitch pattern.


Intense Rose Spinel Burma The palette of reds, pinks, mauves and magentas offered by fine quality spinels, when they can be found, make them a sought-after stone by jewelers seeking to create one-of-a-kind fashion forward pieces which can coordinate with ladies' wear. The present stone is definitely this type of gem with its rich intense rose hue with flashes of magenta and pink. It is easy to understand the fascination and love of this gemstone species throughout the centuries. 10.28…

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Don't let your dog near them: Rain brings deadly mushrooms

Two of the world's deadliest mushroom species are popping up over the Bay Area in the wake of recent rains. Jules Notes: The video embedded in this text post gives a really good, concise definition for mushrooms. I didn't actually know this until watching this video, but the term "mushroom" apparently does not refer to the entire organism, but rather the visible, above-ground section in a much larger fungal network. Cool! #themoyouknow

A word more often found on the pages of plant biology journals than heard in bars, frondescence can be used to mark the period of time that a certain species opens its leaves to the sun but can also mean simply, foliage.


(Rare) (intransitive) (biology) (of two different species or groups of organisms) to share certain characteristics


Of Polymaths

Of Polymaths, multipotentialites and other strange species - The world needs more multi-passionate people! Read the full article at:

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Biodiversity Task Cards

Looking for a great way to review or assess the grade 6 Ontario science unit Understanding Life Systems: Biodiversity? Check out these task cards! These 20 task cards cover a range of curriculum expectations and content information (definitions of key terms [biodiversity, organism, natural community], importance of biodiversity within and among species, categorizing organisms and the impact of biodiversity on humans).