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Author Unknown. I was surprised at how much the element of color, or lack there of, played a role in the definition of objects. The white of the wave crests helped them to stand out greatly in the blues of the sea.

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9 Surprising Science-Backed Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

9 benefits of fruits and vegetables beyond just prevention. Find out how more fruits and vegetables can improve your life today! These will definitely surprise you.

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Pistachio Pudding Dessert, but I would use chopped pistachio nuts instead of Almonds.

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I really cried when I saw him crying coz we know that he's not the person who can expose his own feelings like that .. that meens he's really at the top of his happiness ~ BTS deserve it

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gellert grindelwald

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Grounding and PTSD... Grounding is a powerful tool in the trauma healing toolkit because it generally reduces states of activation, sometimes quickly and significantly. Experiencing an almost total reduction in activation just through grounding can be surprising, since grounding is very simple. Definition: Grounding is the act of connecting more deeply and completely to the body, strengthening the…

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So this is a different sort of surprise for me: I sewed 12 garments this year, which is definitely more garments than I sewed in the previous 20 years combined! Granted, they are extremely simple l…

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