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Delete A Pin

How to Move Pinterest Pins. Here is a quick Pinterest tutorial on how to move Pinterest pins from one Pinterest board to another. This is a new feature added by #Pinterest engineering. In the past, users could edit a pin to change which board it belonged to or delete a pin entirely. #tutorial

Very Good Tip: Boards getting too full? Started off small but grew too huge. An easy way to move groups of Pins to new/ different boards: Let’s say you want to move all your dessert Pins to a board of their own. Here’s how: 1. Go to any of your boards on the web 2. Click Move Pins 3. Select up to 50 Pins to move 4. Pick another board for them .. Can also copy Pins so they live on multiple boards, or delete groups of Pins if you’re in serious clean-up mode.

  • Jeanie C.

    I get that. My first thought is that the "pins for you" are to be chosen by you if you like them. I could be wrong -- but I don't think they are automatically pinned to any of your boards... but good question.. I agree, the garbaaje sent my way confirms and verifies to me, that Pinterest's auto system does not work! + some of the people that follow me - I would never follow -- interesting though.

  • d f

    How can delete ALL the "picked for you" pins that show up? They really are poor matches for even my eclectic taste. Just because it's something someone once cooked or ate, doesn't mean I will cook it or eat it. And the weaving choices ... pul-lease, you have no idea how long I've been weaving so I don't need to see everything a five year old can do with yarn. Just let me know how to ditch the pins picked for me, bless their hearts.

With the new algorithm changes, if you are not deleting your pins, you are missing out in a major way!

  • Mended Wheels

    This is a fantastic post that is obviously full of hard work and a ton of researching effort. For those of us who are working to reach and serve as many people as possible, this looks like you might have found the magic Sarah! Great job!

  • April @MySacredSojourn

    Lindsey, I was thinking the same thing. I look at Pinterest as a "just for me" thing. If others follow along, good for them but I don't need to chase them.

  • Lindsey Morrison

    Silly old me thought it was a nice way to organize all those projects I was actually interested in doing some day, instead of a long list of bookmarks in my browser :P But I treat Facebook like a way to keep in touch with old friends and widespread family, too ;)

Pinterest released a new feature! Now you can move or copy pins from one board to another. You can also delete pins en masse.

How to Delete Your Pin From a Group/Community Board. Click on Your Pin, Then Hover Over Pin, Click on Edit, Then on Delete Pin

Using wine corks for crafts??? Soak corks in hot water for 10 minutes before cutting them for crafts–they won't crumble. THE ORIGINAL PICTURE and LINK FOR THIS INFO got deleted for I found a nice site with info about corks and some cork crafts that lets you pin their pictures ... c

What to do About Deleted Pins on Pinterest -- new infographic from Pin4Ever! Protect your pins with regular backups, use Pin4Ever's "Find Deleted Pins" tool, and restore any missing pins in one easy step! Try Pin4Ever free for a week at

How to save a copy of your pinterest boards and pins with one click

I want your opinion. What do you think of my Pinterest (boards, pins, etc.) ? I would like to know. Leave a comment below.

  • Ash G

    Yall are so cute

  • eмιly rodrιgυez

    Aww thank you! I think that I need to start writing more in the pins though you know my comments not other people's lol! And your one dirction board is awesome!

  • Alicia

    Literally. Literally. You could not get any better. I think we are like best friends or something, we like the same things:)) OKAY HUNTER HAYES THOUGH IM DEAD AND ONE DIRECTION AND ED SHEERAN AND LITTLE MIX. You though>>>

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FREE deck for final consonant deletion (minimal pairs) - Pinned by PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

[gifset] Deleted Scene 4x16 On The Head Of A Pin #SPN #Dean #Castiel : Webber Photo Phonology "Final Consonant Deletion" Minimal Pair Card Deck - Super Duper Educational Learning Toy for Kids : Flas...

The 17 Best Rag Rugging Ideas of 2014 #RagRugging

This really is the best nachos recipe. Try it and see :)

Thor: The Dark World Deleted Scene - No Killing (2013) - Marvel Movie HD - YouTube

Why are there limits?! I'll probably hit this mark one day and then I'm gonna have to delete pins in order to go on. it will be a sad sad day

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How do I delete a Pinterest Pin from my Pinboard? - Ask Dave Taylor

  • Elaine Todd

    Hi Dave, I'm on my cellphone pinning... I deleted that food from hair board mistake by: selecting the pen used for editing, and at the bottom left was a delete button. Yay! I'm on my way to my email to confirm my newsletter...HAPPY PINNING!!!! Elaine

  • Elaine Todd

    Thank you, I just added food to my hair board.

The J. Scott Campbell ‘Disney Princess’ art series features a pin-up version of just about every fairytale you can think of, from The Little Mermaid to Goldilocks, Beauty & the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

How do I delete a Pinterest Pin from my Pinboard? - Ask Dave Taylor

How to Save a Copy of your Pinterest Boards as a PDF? #tip #Pinterest

Haha I'm specifically pinning this because of a certain someone who follows me on pinterest still yet deleted me from Facebook & their certain sibling blocked me on Facebook. I find it quite humorous :) Man I'm gonna cry tonight pshh.

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How to Delete Email in Bulk in Gmail at

hahaha i would die -- Drive a girl insane, delete her #pinterest board. (And get your free backup from, so it never happens to you!)

Those of you who are new to Pinterest can ask questions like how to delete a pin once it has been created. How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest