How to Move Pinterest Pins. Here is a quick Pinterest tutorial on how to move Pinterest pins from one Pinterest board to another. This is a new feature added by #Pinterest engineering. In the past, users could edit a pin to change which board it belonged to or delete a pin entirely. #tutorial

This amazing strawberry lemonade is like taking a bite out of summer.

A traditional Tuscan recipe: Cantucci biscotti.

wood plank trail leading to a-frame cabin via daniel taipale. / sfgirlbybay

funny how i spend so much time deleting pins, I rarely have time to pin!!!!!!!!!! But hey, twelve pins from Tony Curtis' original art surely is related to UHHHHHHHHH

Filled Chocolate Oreo Donuts with Oreo cream, crushed Oreos and shiny chocolate glaze (and even more crushed Oreos). A must for the avid Oreo eater.

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Bad ways to start a novel… Your first sentence, paragraph, and page are THE most important throughout your whole story.

What's the point of curating a Pinterest board if it's going to be drowned out in "picked for you".

How to Clean up your Pinterest. Good article -- and don't forget Pin4Ever's free Bulk Editing tools help you move, copy, delete and rearrange multiple pins in one step!

How to save your Pinterest boards as a PDF file. 2. Once in the board, Press the “Control” and “P” key at the same time. This will bring up the “Print” box. 3. Do not use the “Printing” option but instead look for “Print to PDF” and select “All Pages” then “Print”. 4. Save them wherever you choose on your computer and name them the same as your board names.

Stop Wasting Time Deleting Your Pins! According to Pinterest HQ, it's not a good idea and you could be deleting pins that would have gone viral just a few months later. Here's the breakdown of why deleting pins is a myth and that you shouldn't be doing it.

Ocassionally i still find a pin that has been pinned to the wrong board. And let's hope that i can keep finding things that i have pinned twice since pinterest wants to limit how much i can pin. It's one of those things that really frustrates me.

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Feel free to unfollow if I pin too much for you :) Just too many great ideas!!

twilight deleted scene… I've been looking for this.

ELEMENTS OF A GOOD SCENE - Scene - Checklist - Writers Write - Beginner writers tend to write essays when they first start writing novels. Successful writers soon realise that a novel is not an essay. It is a story made up of scenes. But how do you know if you've written a great scene?

I'm not one of the Pinterest psychos that say, if you pin more than 5 pins I will delete you. Get a life! Its pin things, thats the point! And if you happen to be one of THOSE people, please Go Away! And to the rest of us that dont mind sharing our pins, Cheers and pin away! Love love!

How to ruin a relationship: If you find yourself deleting text messages, You obviously have something to hide...

What?! She deleted me off Facebook? That's ok.. I can not be deleted from real life:) Sincerely, Get over Yourself

Here, I am taking liberties with a classic Shanghai­style braised whole fish by using salmon fillet cut into individual portions.

I want your opinion. What do you think of my Pinterest (boards, pins, etc.) ? I would like to know. Leave a comment below.

4 Pinterest Tips to Make Your Pins More Searchable on Pinterest - MCNG Marketing #pinterest #socialmedia #tips

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How to save a copy of your pinterest boards and pins with one click