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10 Ways to Support Her Through Labor & Delivery. Written by labor and delivery nurse. Pinning for my husband to read! #mommytobeprep #daddytobeprep


6 Things to Know or Do Before Entering the Delivery Room | The delivery room can be an uncertain place for a first-time mom. What will it be like? Who will be with you? Could you possibly poop, while pushing? Here are 6 things to know or do before entering the delivery room to help you better prepare for the big day.


You can't ever take too many photos when it comes to the delivery room! Whether you hire a photographer or have your own camera, hand it off to someone. Let them take photos, let them be a part of the experience. After, you can re-live the moments that most often were overshadowed by anxious feelings. Hiring a birth photographer helps you have an out of body experience when it comes to such an amazing event. #birthphotography #idahofallsphotographer #beforeandafter #newbornphotos #fresh48


Breastfeeding hack: mini crockpot with washcloths. Warm up washcloths and place on breasts before feeding or pumping. Helps with letdown. I added a couple drops of lavender EO to help me relax. Also can be used in labor & delivery room to sooth mama's aching back. The lavender EO will make the room smell amazing -v