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Howard Duff (1913 - 1990) Played Senator O'Dell in the TV series "Dallas", appeared in the movies "Kramer vs. Kramer" and "No Way Out", among many others


Nancy Ward. Cherokee name: Nanye-hi "One who goes about." Born 1738 in Chota which was the capital of the Cherokee Nation. She was a brave or chief of the Delawares. In a battle against the Creeks her husband was killed. She took up his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. She was 18 at the time and given the title "Ghi-Ga-U". Beloved Woman.


The gravestone of Nancy Luce of Martha's Vineyard, who loved her chickens as children. An eccentric loner artist who self-published her own poetry--mainly devoted to her beloved chickens--she buried the birds when they passed away with fully engraved headstones. That is so sweet! Especially for 1890. Clearly, many people have left chickens for Nancy over the years. I know she would have appreciated that.