Funding social programs and programs to ensure the welfare and well being of America's children is a democratic value. Why I'm a #Democrat

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A truly chilling reminder of how a candidate with his kind of charm can be misleading, and plunge a republic down the toilet with loud applause.

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He couldn't get his fat ass into the white house fast enough to actually wait for his wife to walk with him. Asshole!

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Fox News Embarrasses Themselves With Fake Story Blaming Democrats For Canceling The Super Bowl

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This makes no sense because in my opinion Fox News is the most Accurate news station in America. Not only the fact that Fox News DOES NOT lie about what's going on in America but they tell the truth about what's going on around the world unlike other T.V news stations that lie all the time and don't tell the real news. Oh wait you said Fox..Oh well they're fucking liars!

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