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Historical events of two democratic countries. #HarmonyMultimedia #PresidentTrump #ModiFightsCorruption #Election2016 #BlackMoney

Talking to mediapersons at Anandpur Sahib, Chandumajra said Canada was a democratic country and the Justin Trudeau government should not have banned Capt rallies. ‪#‎Punjab‬ ‪#‎News‬

President Truman issued the Truman Doctrine, stating that it is the US's job to defend a democratic country who is being threatened by armed minorities (protect countries from communist threats).


Democratic countries must find a way to uproot and destroy the violent extremist groups that take advantage of Western freedom, says Frida Ghitis.

August 21, 1991: The Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia adopted the Constitutional Law on the Statehood of the Republic of Latvia, thus restoring the de facto independence of Latvia and marking the country’s return to the family of democratic countries of Europe.


Nepsl is a democratic country as of right now. It is said that for the past 240 years Nepal has been a democratic country


Ukrainian cottage. In area, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, with only Russia, its neighboring country, being bigger. Ukraine lies in southeastern Europe bordering the Black Sea. It became an independent country in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved. Nowadays it is a democratic country with a population over 49 million, about 80% Orthodox Christians and 10% Ukrainian Catholics.