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Democratic Party Beliefs

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To The Left Democrat Donkey | Tank Top

To The Left Democrat Donkey | Classic Democratic Party icon the Donkey mashed up with Bey's classic lines from Irreplaceable. To the left, to the left. Vote for the left this election season. Cause politicians are, in fact, replaceable. #Skreened


Q: How do MEN think THEY would live if THEY were paid 77 cents LESS per every dollar than womBen were paid? A: They would be pissed! Well, SO ARE WE! EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK.

They have insatiable taste for women and beautiful ones at that! - Ben Bruce compares Donald Trump to Obansanjo Whatsapp / Call 2349034421467 or 2348063807769 For Lovablevibes Music Promotion Senator Ben Murray-Bruce took to his Facebook page today to a lenghty piece he wrote Like Trump Like Obasanjo where he compared US president elect Donald Trump to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. According to Senator Bruce Donald Trump and Obasanjo who can be brash and outspoken undeniably have…

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Freedom's Sisters, Twenty Great African American Women

Fanny Lou Hamer. Born in 1917 to poor sharecroppers, with 19 other siblings. She dropped out of school in 3rd grade, but was self taught. She became a prominent civil rights activist, ran for Congress, and mentored countless women in the civil rights movement.


The (Un)Democratic Party

There are two prominent features of the Democratic Party’s presidential selection process that are thoroughly undemocratic and undermine faith in the party: superdelegates (which favor Hillary Clinton) and caucuses (which favor Bernie Sanders).

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What Do Democrats Believe and Support? Things They Think

1980 The Democratic Rules Committee states that it will not discriminate against homosexuals. At their National Convention on August the Democrats become the first political party to endorse a homosexual rights platform via


Fannie Lou Hamer 1917 - 1977 
CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST In the 1960s, this daughter of Mississippi sharecroppers was threatened for trying to register to vote, and jailed and beaten for sitting in a whites-only café. She went on to conduct successful voter-registration drives, and to integrate Mississippi's delegation to the 1968 Democratic convention.