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Dental Caries

The Truth about Tooth Decay or Dental Caries | Mama’s Remedies


The prevention of Dental Caries can be approached in three ways. 1. Use ‪#‎fluorides‬. 2. Reduce frequent consumption of sugars. 3. Apply pit and fissure sealants. ‪#‎dentalcaries‬ ‪#‎dentalcare‬


NovaMin has been clinically proven to show the following benefits : Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits Noticeable reduction of tooth sensitivity Remineralization of tooth Prevents the development of dental caries Reduction of gingivitis Noticeable tooth whitening


(A) A small spot of decay visible on the surface of a tooth. (B) The radiograph reveals an extensive region of demineralization within the dentin (arrows). (C) A hole is discovered on the side of the tooth at the beginning of decay removal. (D) All decay removed.


#Toothdecay (dental caries) is a diet related disease. Sugars in the food and drinks you consume mix with the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth and produce acids. These acids attack the outer layers of the tooth (tooth enamel).