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Dental Flossing, it is such a common thing but still many people donot floss thier teeth correctly. there are different kinds of dental flossing available im market. Using correct techinque to floss teeth is very important for oral hygiene.


I found over A DOZEN little dental floss packs, from the dentist. THEN a friend told me about using floss to SEW...It is SUPER STRONG and can be DYED to match any color...FABULOUS! 11 alternative uses for dental floss

from My Plastic-free Life

Plastic-Free Dental Floss? Not Quite

DenTek plastic floss pick. Plastic free dental floss and other dental optics


Reach Dentotape Extra Wide Unflavored Dental Floss,100 yd, Assorted

20 Uses For Dental Floss That Don’t Involve Your Teeth...


21 Survival Uses For Dental Floss - Most everyone knows that dental floss is an integral part of daily oral hygiene but how many of you knew that dental floss was also a key component to a survival kit? In fact, for the little that it weighs and the amount of space that it takes, dental floss could very well be one of the most valuable components in your survival tool kit!