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Westwood, looking north from Pico Blvd., 1922. Wilshire would be the next big avenue parallel to Pico. Alvarado Terrace ran kitty corner on NE quadrant of Pico & Alvarado.


Advertisement by the U.S. Department of the Interior offering surplus Indian lands for sale (1910-1911) The invasion and eradication continues.


New findings from an archaeological excavation led this winter by Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv University’s Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures prove that copper mines in Israel thought to have been built by the ancient Egyptians in the 13th century BC actually originated three centuries later, during the reign of the legendary King Solomon.


If you have Scottish and/or Irish ancestry AND red hair, you probably also have VIKING ancestry, according to a new study. The director for Nordic Studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands says red hair is modern evidence of the influence of the ancient Vikings in Celtic lands.


Elouise Cobell’s name will go down in history as the woman who won recognition and respect for her people who had been cheated out of money by the federal government since the late 1800s.


Vetran Responds To Army Corp of Engineer letter to silence free speech | #NoDapl Archives | Published Nov 25, 2016 | | I absolutely agree with this veteran. This is happening to keep the veterans out and they don't want to see the police going up against veterans on the evening news. Click to watch and share video (10:55).


William McIntosh, a Creek leader who worked alongside American agent Benjamin Hawkins, sought to defeat the Red Sticks. With both American and Native American ancestry, McIntosh maneuvered between cultures and formed a Creek alliance to work with Americans. (Alabama Department of Archives and History). Ceded Indian lands and was assassinated.