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Sei whale This fast cetacean inhabits all oceans and adjoining seas except in tropical and polar regions. The sei whale became a major target for commercial whaling after the preferred stocks of blue and fin whales had been depleted.

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Anthropogenic Groundwater Extraction Impacts Climate-Anthropogenic groundwater exploitation changes soil moisture and land-atmosphere water and energy fluxes, and essentially affects the ecohydrological processes and the climate system. In over-exploited regions, the terrestrial water storage has been rapidly depleted, causing unsustainability of water use and inducing climate change.

Aral Sea Recovery?

Aral Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It used to be one of the four largest lakes in the world. Soviet irrigation projects diverted all the rivers feeding it in the '60s. The area that still has water is only 10% of the original size. A once thriving fishing industry was completely destroyed and the climate has changed. Things like this are so easily preventable. The depletion was willfully ignored for decades. If you mess with nature, nature messes with you.

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12/08/2016 - Johannesburg – Nearly 14 million people in southern Africa are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance as the region faces the worst El Nino induced drought in decades. United Nations humanitarian agencies and partners launched a revised action plan to outlining their response to the needs of an estimated 13.8 million people as the region enters the peak of the lean season with largely depleted food stocks due to poor and failed harvests.

This composite image shows a planetary nebula, Abell 30, located about 5500 light years from Earth. A planetary nebula is formed in the late stage of the evolution of a sun-like star. The evolution of A30 stalled and then started up again, so the planetary nebula was reborn, a special, rarely-seen phase of evolution. - Credit: NASA et al

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As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms

As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms #Science #iNewsPhoto

German Wehrmacht soldiers of 130th Panzer Lehr Division study a map of the region surrounding village of Tilly-sur-Seulles during the Battle of Normandy shortly following the Allied landings in France. By the end of June 1944 the division’s armored component was severely depleted. Despite this, it continued to hold against the British and Commonwealth forces, engaging in heavy fighting near the town. Tilly-sur-Seulles, Calvados, Lower Normandy, France. 9 June 1944.

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U.S. Food Supply Vulnerable to Ground Water Depletion - University of Texas researchers didn’t mince words after studying how irrigated agriculture is depleting groundwater in some of the country’s semi-arid regions.

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