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Depression Can Kill! Educate Yourself And Make A Difference! by thot4food |
Life with Depression

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27 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Get If You Have Depression

"Struggling with depression" seems to imply that I am bad at depression, when I am in fact very proficient at being depressed.

Pete Wentz - "The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable...". happiness, depression, guilt


Depression- I'm so desperate to overcome this. I'm sick of my life. But I am craving these inspirational pictures.


Hmm.... Think about this. Think about those people in your life, or yourself, who are incredibly funny. What do they have going on at home?


16 Graphs That Will Help You Understand Your Highly Sensitive Friends So Much Better

YES. "..I'm..." always "....just tired...". It takes so much to pretend to be someone I'm not of the time. That is spent on my real friends who know and seem to accept who I really am. And I love those people so much. You HAVE to know who you are


I don't want to push you away, my baby. Every day I get that bit better but it will be a tough journey until my broken soul is fixed. I only hope that you can stick by me through this last hurdle so I can begin my life anew and I can heal.