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Vice President-elect Mike Pence joins the Indiana National Guard and the Indiana Dept. of Veterans' Affairs at a #VeteransDay ceremony.

The surrender of Fort Sumter on April 15, 1861 and Michigan soon received the President’s call for volunteers. The state was asked to furnish one regiment of infantry fully armed, clothed, and equipped to aid the federal government in suppressing the rebellion. Although the state treasury was not in a condition to meet this request, subscription made the necessary amount available; ten companies were at once mobilized. Source: Michigan Dept of Veterans Affairs.


Dept. of Veterans Affairs Kept Giving Money to Company Even After Fraud Conviction!!


Consider Agent Orange benefits for C-123 crews, 20 members of House ask Shinseki

A group of Congresspersons have joined the effort to push for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs to recognize the likelihood of Agent Orange exposure among veterans who crewed C-123s after the Vietnam War.