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How does an Elf celebrating coming out of the box?? Tanning poolside, under the desert sun! I’m back, let the shenanigans begin. xoxo Molly #NoNips #ElfontheShelf #FunTimes #Holidays

15' X 30' Heavy Duty Premium Desert Tan Tarp by Canopy Mart. $60.75. Heavy duty Desert Tan U.V. poly tarps are used for sun protection and water proof. Our Desert Tan tarps are ideal for Canopy & Awning, Roofers, Farmers, Lawn Services, Lumber Yards and many other uses for sun protection and water proof. Our Desert Tan poly tarps are weather resistant- 100% UV Protection, Waterproof, and Mildew-proof. Its strong, tear resistant high density polyethylene. Eac...

Genuine handmade shemaghs; not reproductions! The shemagh (pronounced “she-mahg”) is the traditional desert headwear used to effectively protect your head & neck from the blazing sun. It’s also been used for decades by military forces operating in arid or jungle environments; in fact, the shemagh is officially issued to British and Australian soldiers for desert warfare. …


Jones Studios' Sculptural Lacey Residence is a Rammed Earth Home in the Arizona Desert


YETI® Tundra 35 (White or Desert Tan) - An extreme example of how durable and insulated a cooler can be. $259.99


Best destinations to get a sun tan in India

With the sheer cold desert landscape stretching out everywhere in sight, the #ZanskarValley is immediately breathtaking to behold. #TraveltoLadakh #India

Later, when her skin began to look like a well worn saddle jettisoned by a cowboy dying of thirst in the Arizona desert, Paula began to wonder if Du Pont had lied to her...


At 500,000 square feet, this complex appears as vast and infinite as the desert itself. The mystery and desolation of the desert suggested the building’s character, which depends on the distinct form of the wall. The approach is dramatic: a long, low wall hovers behind flowing sand dunes. Free-flowing exterior walls extend into the desert and become sun screens. Legorreta pays homage to the desert by transforming it into a lawn of stones.