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Evapolar - Evapolar is the world’s first personal air conditioner. It cools using water evaporation in an eco-friendly desktop design that humidifies and purifies the air while keeping you cool.


Evapolar: Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

The Evapolar is a desktop personal air conditioner and is unique in many ways. Working on the simple, most efficient and ancient cooling technology of water evaporation, this modern and minimalist design creates a personal microclimate just suitable for you.


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Evapolar by Eugene Dubovoy and Vladimir Levitin is a portable air-conditioner about the same size and weight as a toaster. The creators say it's 12 times more energy efficient than a traditional split system air conditioner. It can provide 6-8 hours of cooling and can drop the temperature by up to 17° C (30.6° F). It's also environmentally friendly as it doesn't contain any toxic coolants. #cooler #whyisit #aircon #airconditioning #cool


Desktop Air Conditioner

This little air conditioner uses frozen water to create a personal climate-control system anyone can use. Fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze it, place it back in the chamber and turn the power on and enjoy.