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Desktop Speakers

Logitech Z623 Speaker System- Best Desktop Speakers under $200


Logitech Z623 Satellites - Best Computer Speakers under $200

By looking at the shape, it is a inclination speaker with 9.5 degree which blow to your ears in a perfect angle!

Its satellite speaker looks like gun heads about to fire bullets, whereas the subwoofer has a unique design with cylindrical shape

T40 SII has this special audio technology which call BasXPort that enhances the low frequency response without the bulkiness of a subwoofer.

This not only work with computer but also with TV! wow..

Mid range shines a lot! but the bass is a bit boomy, something that need to consider

The driver is powered by 20 watt amplifier and helps in offering deeper bass and outstanding performance!

Great mid range sound with wireless bluetooth function. Stereo Puzzle is working on bluetooth function as well !